lunes, 20 de junio de 2011

¿Síndrome de fatiga crónico - que uno de estos 5 críticamente mal hipótesis es lastimar a usted?

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Which of the following five assumptions are you making about the illness known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)? Read on to discover how critical the right attitude is and why you can't afford to make such a mistake in attitude. These wrong assumptions could hurt you exponentially by producing damaging health consequences.

When a person first gets (a.k.a "comes down with") Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and, for today's purpose let's assume that's you, everything about your world feels confusing. One minute you're merrily skipping along and enjoying a robust level of health; the next, you're quite ill and can barely whip out a laundry-sized list of complaints to prove your infirmity.

Any one symptom may be tough to handle. Mix several of the rougher ones together and it may seem that you're treading deep water. Your symptom load can feel overwhelming and add to your increasing sense of confusion, anxiety and frustration.

Now, assuming that you don't want to continue living like this, ask yourself, "How are you going to get a handle on these health issues and begin to get well?" Beyond the simple advice of take it easy and rest, eat well and lower your stress level, what are you going to do?

Special Tip #1: Don't jump at the first answers you find and make wrong assumptions about Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Wrong information can come from seemingly credible sources such as what you hear from cousin Sally or what you're reading in someone's personal blog/ complaint tirade. Mis-information can come in all forms and from seemingly knowledgeable, well-meaning sources.

Know that your maintaining a positive attitude about getting well is the "first key" to improving your health and probably the most essential element to making it happen. After doing thorough research, base your plan of action and your attitude on the absolute best information that you can find and what feels right for you down in your gut. Gut instinct is important.

Now let's examine these FIVE HARMFUL ASSUMPTIONS and guard against them:

FIRST ASSUMPTION: Because Chronic Fatigue Syndrome feels like such a physical illness, it must have a physically-based cause.

There is no proof of that statement. All traditional medical researchers can say are two things: 1) people who suffer with CFS often have additional illnesses like Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, or Lupus, and 2) that many people with CFS often exhibit more than one infection, such as when a dysfunctional immune system allows the existence of viruses like Herpes Virus-6 (HHV-6), Epstein Barr Virus (Mononucleosis), Coxsackie Virus, Cytomegalovirus (CMV), and more. Truly, when your Immune System becomes totally confused and dysfunctional, almost anything is possible.

And to date, not one of these medical experts can tell you whether the viruses come first and cause CFS or whether your already weakened Immune System allows the invaders to get a foothold. The only thing clear is that once this happens, your body can descend into long term illness while fighting but never completely conquering the invaders. This mystery is truly an age-old chicken-and-egg question. We're left wondering which part comes first, the disease process or the symptoms. Maybe, in the end it doesn't matter and here's an important reason why.

If you assume that there must be a physical cause for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, you may get mired in that line of thinking. Wrong or right, you assume this is the best way to approach the problem and you stop looking further. You don't consider other possibilities, such as causes originating from a mind/body/spirit origin. This wrong assumption can be a huge mistake and unfortunately you've made it at the very beginning!

Special Tip #2: Keep your brain working and your heart open to the answers. You will figure out why you got sick.

SECOND ASSUMPTION: The number of intense CFS symptoms is so overwhelming, you feel as if you can't manage them. They are more than you can bear.

This type of assumption lends itself to a type of permitted weakness, because in thinking this way, you essentially are giving up control. Yes, you may have a lot of symptoms, but each one can be addressed. Note: Many people feel the need to take strong prescription drugs for symptom relief, but those very drugs can cause other problems and add to your misery. Be careful of the number of drugs you take and which specific ones you use. Work closely with your doctor.

Special Tip #3: You already have enough problems and symptoms to deal with. Don't make things worse by allowing drug side effects or dangerous interactions to create more health problems.

If you approach your illness symptoms one by one and explore more natural solutions that won't produce negative results, very likely you can avoid an out-of-control spiral of symptoms.

THIRD ASSUMPTION: Because it's been such a long time since scientists and researchers began looking for answers and they still have very few, you believe you're probably doomed to suffer with CFS indefinitely. Chances are... you won't ever feel well again.

Now that's the thinking of someone who's already defeated. It's obvious how wrong it is when you look at this assumption in black and white words. Find a way to change that belief and you'll have plenty of room for hope and healing again.

Special Tip #4:
Don't give up. Don't even think about it.

FOURTH ASSUMPTION: Because CFS is such a multi-faceted illness and is so misunderstood and puzzling, there is no way for you to understand what's going on.

Wow, is that a lie! Yes, you may suffer with cognitive dysfunction like brain fog or memory loss, but somewhere in all of the muck and mire, you're there. Your soul is still present and accounted for. It wants to prevail. Your heart wants healing to happen.

Special Tip #5: Be brave. Keep your wits about you and proceed onward. Don't plow up this mine field alone if you can't handle it. Don't be afraid to ask for help from a loved one, friend or caretaker.

FIFTH ASSUMPTION: That you're stuck living with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome forever until someone else finds the cause and cure.

The truth is science may not find the answer to everyone's case of CFS, but with a little help and fortitude, you can figure out your own. Realize that the Creator made you to be a very intelligent and resourceful human being. He created within you innate healing knowledge. It may have been pushed down a little, but it has not gone away. It's still there and it's still accessible!

Special Tip #6, the Best Tip of All: Your body already knows how to get well from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. It may have forgotten for the moment, but somewhere deep down inside, it knows. If you really, really believe that you can heal, you are thinking correctly and headed in a positive direction!

With healing and help in mind, you're invited to explore something new: Alternative information about Chronic Fatigue Syndrome that's better quality, revealing and easy to begin using. Go to the Health Matters Show to sign up for your personal access to upcoming health teleseminars. On these phone-based seminars, we discuss "How to Get Well from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome." After all, that's what you want to know! 1) How to feel better, and 2) What you need to know about getting well to make it happen. New, easy to attend teleseminar classes are beginning right away. Know that the Health Matters Show blog and podcast is dedicated to providing you with the information and services that you need to get well once and for all from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia. Thanks, Cinda Crawford, host, health writer and former patient, now recovered and very healthy.

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